Grilled Fruit and Vegetables

People are always asking me about how I grill corna topic that there a many, many opinions on — and about other grilled vegetables so I made a point to write out as many grilled vegetable and bread and fruit grilling instructions that I could.

Truly, it’s not difficult to prep, most should be drizzled or tossed with a 50-50 mix of olive oil and a neutral, vegetable oil with a high smoke point — I like grapeseed — salt, pepper, and aromatic herbs or alliums. The slightly trickier part is getting to know your grill and it’s temperatures. I’ve provided a heat and time range for everything that should work for almost all grills.

Almost everything needs to be turned, or if it’s in a grill basket a good strong couple of shakes at the halfway point will work, so what I’d recommend is plan to check it and turn it halfway through the shorter time range that I suggest, and then, to check it again for doneness, at the end of the shorter time range. This way, if you grill doesn’t run as hot, and you can see that you need more time, it’s easy to leave the second side on for a few more minutes.